Simen Omang (b. 1980) makes and repairs early and contemporary guitars with gut or nylon strings at the island of Sandøya, Norway. 


He was trained as an apprentice of Esteban Gonzalez and Julio Malarino (2002-2005) in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has been  running his own workshop at several locations in Norway since 2005, delivering guitars to professionals and amateurs alike. 

Over the years he has presented guitars at expositions and festivals in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Argentina.

From 2016-2019 he worked with artisans specialized in a variety of crafts and in projects related to the safeguarding of traditional knowledge at the Norwegian Crafts Institute.

He is founding member and current leader of the Norwegian Instrumentmaker Assosiation (NIMF). 

"En gitarmaker" by Copenhagen-based film maker Andreas Thaulow. Check out his work here. 

'Abre los Ojos - Arian Houshmand and Matias Martino

Presentation of Runar Kjeldsberg and de Fossa project.

Wonderful meeting with Yamandú Costa at the Uppsala Guitar Festival

+47 486 04 144

4915 Vestre Sandøya

© 2018 by Simen Omang

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